NFT Metadata : How to upload metadata to your NFT

Your NFT requires metadata in order to help organise your collection and help users find your NFTs. One of the best features on our platform is how easy it is to upload metadata to your NFTs! This is a feature that you don’t want to miss, so let’s dive right in!

NFT metadata

Metadata: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Essentially, metadata is additional data that you can attach to your NFTs to provide more information about them. For example, let’s say you have a collection of city photographs. You can use metadata to add information such as the photographer’s name, the year the photo was taken, and even the time of day the photo was taken. This extra information can make your NFTs more valuable and interesting to buyers.

nft metadata

Creating Your NFT Collection on

To get started, head over to and connect your wallet. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Create” button and select “New Collection”. You’ll have the option to create a “Basic” or “Advanced” Drop. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using the “Basic Drop”. Then you can either upload a complete collection or build it with layers. If you want to upload metadata yourself, you’ll need to upload the complete collection. The first thing you’ll encounter is the “Details” tab, which is essentially building the collection page where your collectors will purchase your NFTs. Feel free to read our blog about that process.

Blog : How to launch an NFT collection in 5 miniutes

The video below guides you through that process!

Uploading the NFT Art and NFT Metadata

Head to the “Artwork” tab and click “Upload Your Images”. Create a ZIP file with the images, upload it and voila! But that’s not all. We want to add our metadata too. For that, we create a spreadsheet and make sure to follow the same format as the image below. Then we’ll download our metadata as a CSV file and upload it to the platform. Once that’s done, just click “Save and View Artwork”.

nft metadata

Viewing and filtering your NFTs

Now you can filter by the different categories in your metadata. This can be time of day or the year it was taken. Just use the sidebar on your right! It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

nft metadata

Launch Your NFT Collection!

Once you’re happy with all your NFTs, you can head over to the “Deploy” tab and click on “Decentralise”. Then click “Deploy Contract” and confirm the transaction. And that’s it!

We hope you found this tutorial useful and that you’re now eager to create your own metadata-enhanced NFT collection. As always, stay tuned for more exciting tutorials and features from our platform. Take care and happy creating!

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