Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) are now available on @fairxyz

And all it takes is one click to create Soulbound Tokens.

Soulbound Tokens are NFTs that, when minted, can never be transferred or sold from the wallet that created them. They are ‘bound’ to that wallet forever

Soulbound Tokens

As Web3 communities continue to expand, a common concern is the dilution of their existing collections through additional drops, as well as managing the floor price for every new collection they produce. By making NFTs non-transferable, SBTs solve this problem.

Soulbound Tokens are game-changers.

SBTs will continue to play a fundamental role in the evolution of the NFT ecosystem as more artists, communities and brands enter the space without risking brand dilution or floor price management.

Founders such as @LucaNetz have shared their thoughts on this, which is why collections like @PudgyPenguins are expanding their SBT presence.

The #1 thing that kills potential blue chips is the dilution of their digital ecosystem with more mints. When you add to your ecosystem you better hope that you have the overflowing inbound to sustain it.

How easy are they to create on

Launching SBTs is straightforward with @fairxyz – When creating your collection, simply click on whether to make it Soul-Bound or not. And that’s literally it!

Our DMs are always open if you have any questions about Soul-Bound tokens or creating a collection with @fairxyz – Let’s keep building.

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