NFT Creator Spotlight : MUTANT HOUNDS

!HOWL as the Hounds would say! This is the largest and most impactful collections to date that has launched with – The Mutant Hounds demonstrates the true power of community and strength of Web3 eco-systems…not to mention incredible art!

From the NFT creator minds of the Muntant Cartel

To understand this collection, you first need to understand what/who The Mutant Cartel is. (

In short, they are a DAO formed around holders of Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Growing from the seeds of that collection, which was created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), they’ve created a ‘spin-off’ universe centred around the ‘Mutant Hounds’.

The Mutant Cartel describe themselves as…

“…a movement inspired by community, decentralization, social capital, and artistic innovation that opens its doors to all owners of Mutant NFTs – We’re more than a dedicated meeting ground for Mutants, we’re a mobilized and structured organization seeking to enrich the MAYC universe and our value as Mutants within it.”

NFT Artwork

The NFT Collection

With months in the making, the Mutant Hounds is an NFT collection of 10,000 lore-driven guardians summoned from the Hound Pit! You can read more about the lore and the meaning behind this collection on the official Mutant Hounds collection page –

The first stage of the collection came in the form of ‘The Collars’, which were the only means to redeem a Hound.

Mutant Hound Collar

From these collars, owners could burn them to reveal their Mutant Hound. The creators of this collection wanted to make full use of’s ( staging mechanics, meaning they could customise who, when and how users could redeem these collars.

NFT stages

You can learn more about how to do this yourself in our recent blog post.

16k ETH and counting

To date, between the Collars and the Mutant Hounds, the collection’s total trading volume has exceeded 16000 Eth and has been a regular on OpenSea top-10 collections.

This is a testament to the Mutant Cartel’s dedication and hard work, providing a world-class ecosystem, storyline, lore, community and artwork. We’re so proud to have facilitated this collection, having provided a seamless minting experience for all stages of the drop.

At, we’re here for all creators, no matter the size – however this collection proves that we are here to provide seamless execution for some of the world’s largest NFT collections. !Howl

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