NFT Creator Spotlight : ALIEN QUEEN

For this NFT creator spotlight, check out TABZ – a 10,000-piece PFP project inspired by the milk-top/pogz collectables of the 90s, spiced with ALIENQUEENNFT‘s trippy style. It also leverages @fairx‘s NEW CUSTOMISABLE COLLECTION PAGE.

The NFT Creator @ALIENQUEENNFT is one of the co-founders of @rektguyNFT and this is her first 10,000-piece collection which she has chosen to launch through @fairxyz

ALIENQUEEN is a contemporary artist specializing in digital illustration. Influenced by psychedelics, dreams, sex and death, her art evokes comfort and anxiety simultaneously, handling its subject matter through a layer of acidic haze, normalizing the terrifying and transforming the sweet and mundane into the unsettling.

The TABZ collection is using a host of @fairxyz‘s creator tools including our generative art system and our customizable collection page feature. Every creator using will be able to curate their collection’s artwork in whatever style they like using “blocks”.

NFT Creator

Follow @ALIENQUEENNFT for the latest info on her upcoming drops and if you want to launch a collection, that doesn’t require any code, with a fully customisable collection page, then head to

For full details about the collection, you can check out the collection page here –

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