How to Launch an NFT Collection in 5 Minutes

Using our ground-breaking no-code NFT creation tools, now anyone can easily build their own NFT Collection using So let’s dive in and show you how.

Launch an NFT Collection – Getting started

Once you’ve signed in with your wallet through WalletConnect or MetaMask, simply press “Create Now”. You will then be brought to the main dashboard, which tracks your collection sales. Scroll down until you see the “Create a New Collection” on the right. Click it, and let’s launch an NFT Collection

Launch an NFT Collection using the “Basic Drop” option

First, click on “Basic Drop”. If you have your artwork ready, simply click on “Upload Your Complete Collection,” where you’ll be able to upload up to 10,000 files and 10GB of images.

On the left of the page, you will see three relevant sections: “Details,” “Artwork” and “Deploy.” Complete these sections, making sure to click “Save Changes” every so often, so as not to lose your work. Saving your details will help build up and eventually you launch the perfect an NFT Collection.

NFTs Details

The Collection Details section is dedicated to the information that will help populate your final minting page, so it’s important to complete it carefully. Here you can fill in details like your collection name, ticker and subdomain.

Next, you’ll be guided towards the Launch Details section, where you can choose which blockchain to launch with, the price and the launch date. There is also an option for Advanced Settings, where you can set the maximum mints per wallet and also secondary royalties (of which takes 0% of).

The Description section is where you can talk freely about your collection in both a Short Description and Long Description. Both of these will be public on your minting page. You can also add tags that categorise your collection, if you’d like.

The Media section is dedicated to building the layout of your minting page. You can use various building blocks to build the page however you like. At any point, you can press “Save Changes” and check our what your minting page looks like.

Finally, you can add in your Artist Details, including your name and a short bio. There is no need to dox. You can put whatever you’d like in this section. You can then add your Social Media links should you wish.

Create NFT Artwork

In the Artworks tab, you can choose to upload a zipfile containing your images, or a CSV completed with your metadata. You can upload up to 10,000 files and 10GB of data. If you are not updating metadata, you will then be promoted to name your art pieces. You can find more specific information about managing your artwork by clicking here.

Deploy your NFTS

Once you are satisfied with your artwork, you can head to the Deploy section, where you can first, decentralise your images and metadata. This means that instead of saving your artwork in one decentralised server, we save your artwork in many decentralised servers. Essentially, this means that your art is very secure and no one will be able to edit it or delete it at any point. You won’t be able to change your images after this step, so do ensure that your artwork is correct before you launch an NFT Collection.

Once your decentralisation is finished, you can click Deploy Contract and approve the gas fees in Metamask. Even though your art cannot be changed, you can still manage your collection including price, royalty percentage and maximum mints per wallet.

And voila – Your NFT art is ready to launch in under 5 minutes.

Launch an NFT Collection

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