Buying NFTs with Credit Cards is available on

Buying NFTs on using a credit card is now available to all users. Starting today, creators will be able to offer their collectors the option to purchase NFTs with a card payment.

At this moment, we’re accepting: Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. In the near future, we’ll also be accepting Apple Pay.

Buying NFTs Credit Cards

Why are we accepting Credit Card payments at

As part of our ongoing mission to democratise NFT technology and empower the next generation of creators, we want to make the purchasing of NFTs as frictionless as possible. This means introducing familiar user experiences from Web2, like online card payments.

This is something that most people will be used to and will help bring some form of familiarity when entering the world of Web3.

Also, convenience is another huge reason to bring on credit card payments, even for experienced NFT collectors. It can often be the case that when someone wants to purchase an NFT using their digital wallet, like MetaMask, they might not have enough funds to make the purchase. This means the customer has to go through the process of buying the crypto through another platform, to then transfer it over to their wallet. This can be a bit of a laborious process.

Buying NFTs Credit Cards

How does buying NFTs with Credit Cards on affect Creators?

Potential Increased Revenue

We hope that by providing a service of buying NFTs Credit Cards, which is a more seamless way for users to purchase NFTs, creators will increase their potential volume of sales.

No additional setup required

Creators using will not be required to setup any additional wallets or payment solutions, as will take care of everything in the background. If a collector does decide to buy your NFT with a credit card payment, we’ll convert the purchase amount into Ethereum automatically and deposit it into your assigned collection wallet. No hassle. No fuss. Easy.

More to come…

We shall continue to make our platform as easy to use as possible, with an aim to provide the best NFT creation tools on the internet. Be sure to check out our blog on Conditions to Buy as well, which truly empowers creators on who can and can’t mint their NFTs (with or without Credit Card payments).

Let’s keep building!

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Our goal is to create an industry-leading NFT launch experience for both collectors and creators that is secure, accessible and fair. Our proprietary technology removes gas wars, failed transactions and bots. From creators to businesses, we also work with the globe’s largest institutions, brands and movements in order to bring ground-breaking and bespoke Web3 utility to life.